Overpopulation Essay Examples and Topics

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  • Essay on Overpopulation: Impact and Challenges on Global Society

    Overpopulation is a state that most nations and counties have globally experienced. It refers to a condition at which land and other resources experience overstretch, or they cannot support life due to a high number of people depending on them. Generally, it involves overcrowding of the people and o...

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  • Thomas Malthus's Theory of Overpopulation Essay Sample

    Thomas Malthus's theory of overpopulation has two components. The first component is the definitive standard of living based on the growth rate of the population, which is contributed by the biological effect in human beings. The second component states that fixed resources provide negative feedback...

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  • Empowering Women and Family Planning: Effective Solutions for Overpopulation

    Overpopulation refers to a situation that occurs when the total number of occupants in a particular geographical area exceeds the provision ability for its occupants (Peacock, 2017). According to Hedberg (2020), the current world population is 7.8 billion. This has been as a result of improved medic...

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  • Essay on Population Growth in the United States

    Overpopulation is an undesirable condition whereby the number of the current human population exceeds the carrying capacity of the planet. Over the last two decades, the United States population has exploded, and the number is expected to grow in the future. Overpopulation acts as a significant cont...

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    1784 words
  • The Problem of Overpopulation in Shanghai Essay Sample

    Overpopulation is a primary issue in China and the world's urban cities. Shanghai is the capital city of china and has a population of over 27 million (Zhang et al., 2020). According to Zhang et al. (2020), the city's population growth has increased by 3.4% every year since 2000. The population incr...

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  • Essay on Overpopulation in US Prisons

    The overpopulation of US prisons and jails consistently put pressure on the correction department's need to espouse alternative sanctions, which are primarily attained through community-based correction mechanisms, including probation and parole. Currently, the number of convicts under parole and pr...

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  • Essay on Waste Disposal, Climatic Change and Overpopulation

    Waste disposal, loss of biodiversity, water scarcity, and pollution as well overpopulation present a series of the landfill and environmental issues that have a direct influence over the international business. In most occasion, international business activities are hindered by ecological issues, th...

    5 pages
    1182 words
  • Essay on Urban Planning Models: Insights into Post-Industrial City Development

    Human geography forms the basis of societal existence and interrelation. Living in a world threatened by overpopulation and scarcity of resources to sustain the coming generations, urban planning is increasingly becoming important. Governments must work with professionals in the urban planning indus...

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