Prostitution Essay Examples and Topics

  • Decriminalizing Prostitution (Essay Sample)

    The United States is a heteronormative and patriarchal society. From the time the country was founded, prostitution has been criminalized because of the perceived costs of legalizing it. The laws that criminalize prostitution are predicated on the idea that if it were legalized, it would corrupt the...

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    711 words
  • What is Prostitution? (Essay Sample)

    Prostitution is the act of engaging in sexual activities for payment. A prostitute may be female, male or transgender. The act of prostitution may involve different sexes or the same sex. However, throughout history, most prostitutes are usually of the female gender while the clients are of the male...

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  • The Current Canadian Law Governing Prostitution (Essay Sample)

    The current Canadian law that governs prostitution was introduced by the conservative Canadian government in June 2014 as Bill C-36 (Sampson 137-139). The law prohibits advertising or purchasing of sexual services and makes it illegal to live or depend on material benefits of sex work.

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  • Essay on Exploring Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in 'Sex Trafficking in America'

    “Sex Trafficking in America” tells the unimaginable stories of young women coerced into prostitution and follows one police unit that is committed to rooting out sextual exploitation. This documentary was produced by Jezza Neumann, and Lauren Mucciolo. The video is featured on the pbs.or...

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    1214 words
  • Prostitution Legalization: A Debate on its Impacts and Controversies (Essay Sample)

    Prostitution legalization is a topic that is consistently debated over time. Some countries support legalization while others fight against allowing the act due to it violating perceived ethics and morals. In states allowing people to practice prostitution, various laws are governing and protecting ...

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    851 words
  • Prostitution and Morality (Essay Sample)

    Prostitution would be morally permissible or not if it follows three theories; utilitarianism, formulation of Kant’s categorical imperative, and Aristotle’s virtue theory. These theories or approaches have their way of considering action and consequences, which can be linked to the idea ...

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