Gender Equality Essay Examples and Topics

  • Essay on Gender Equality as a Human Right

    Gender equality is a term used to refer to equal rights and opportunities for men and women, and for girls and boys without discrimination or prejudice. Gender equality calls for equal treatment for all human beings, regardless of gender. There exist instances where women are discriminated especiall...

    4 pages
    900 words
  • Essay on Gender Equality and Gender Relations in Society

    The gender relations in society have been so divisive, and the inequality has created a contradicting conflict in every sphere. The relationship at the workplace, homes, and in public affairs still shows that the inequality and gender gap still exist; thus, it affects the social and world economic s...

    3 pages
    578 words
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  • Essay on Gender Equality in Education

    The life of being a student requires an individual to think quickly on his feet in solving problems. Education equips students with first-hand information that allows them to think intensively and critically. As a student at Chicago University, I was tasked with a project that will help in addressin...

    3 pages
    561 words
  • Essay on Men, Families and Gender Equality

    This research was carried out to evaluate the gender equality based on the roles that father are entitled to perform, regarding the existing policies and perceptions. An investigation in this topic is significant because it is based on actual and practical reasoning to prove how negative assumptions...

    7 pages
    1819 words
  • Essay on Gender Equality and Stereotypes

    A considerable deal of advancement has been achieved towards gender equality over the last few decades. Despite the substantial progress, the decrease in gender discrimination over the previous few years is only experienced and enjoyed in the workplace, leaving other areas of interaction exposed. It...

    7 pages
    1674 words
  • Essay on Gender Equality

    Gender equality states that women and men, boys and girls, should be given the privilege to enjoy equal rights, protections, opportunities, and resources ("Gender equality," n.d.).

    2 pages
    378 words
  • Essay on Feminism and Gender Equality

    Feminism refers to the advocacy of human rights on gender equality through social, economic, and social fairness. It is an organized event based on the interests and freedoms of women. Feminism fights against how men are highly viewed in society, and women unfairly treated in the communities. It emp...

    5 pages
    1137 words
  • Essay on Gender Equality and Sexuality

    Masculinity and male dominance are part and parcel of our society despite changes laws to ensure gender equality. The society can be described as a modified patriarchy, where masculinity symbolizes superiority over women and other lesser men (p. 155). Masculinity is associated with power, that is, m...

    4 pages
    960 words
  • Essay on the Concept of Gender Equality

    Gender equality is defined as ending all kinds of discrimination as well as violence against girls and women. It also involves eliminating some harmful practices like female genital mutilation, along with early marriages, valuing and recognizing domestic work and unpaid care, making sure that women ...

    4 pages
    839 words
  • Essay on Gender Equality in Literature

    Over the past decades, women were considered weaker as compared to men in most societies. Some traditions were made to ensure that women stay home and be under the leadership of men. As time elapsed, some women grew tired of treatments and sought freedom and make decisions just like men (Caprioli, 2...

    8 pages
    1992 words

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