Obesity: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions for a Healthier Life (Essay Sample)


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Obesity is a medical condition that involves a human body accumulating a lot of weight to the levels that it starts to affect the body adversely. The obesity level is determined by having a look at the body mass index (BMI), the distribution of fat around the waist. When the BMI level increases, an individual is regarded as obese is at a high risk of getting sick. When the body accumulates excess fat, there is a possibility of an occurrence of fatal cardiovascular diseases. It is caused by different factors, such as inability to feed on the right diet or it can be genetically caused. In most of the cases, the human body generally may have the right weight, but after continuous consumption of junk food, the body fat continues to increase to the level that an individual is regarded as obese as shown in the storyboard below.

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Causes and Symptoms

There exist many facts that make it difficult to avoid obesity, considering that it can involve a combination of inherited factors, poor quality diet, environmental, and exercise issues. Feeding on food with high calories is likely to lead to obesity, and the situation is made worse when they are not burnt. Consuming processed foods that may have additives, high sugar, salt, and fat content is also not advised. These food types are cheap, they last long, and they have a strong taste making it challenging to avoid them (Sahoo et al., 2015). Increasing their taste by the manufacturers is done to raise their sales levels since they understand that they can experience limited sales in a healthy-conscious society.

Environmental factors play a role in triggering the obesity problem, considering that society may lack adequate playing field that people can exercise. When people are not physically active, there is a probability that they will gain excess weight and become obese. Additionally, a society may lack access to healthy food elements, such as the vegetables and fruits, and this means that they will consume the unhealthy food components that are encouraged by massive advertising process. Genetics is another issue that supports the occurrence of obesity problem though the problem may be made worse by other issues, such as abundant food supply and lack of physical activities.

The company that sells unhealthy food engages in an aggressive marketing process, and they try to create the image of unhealthy food as being healthy. They undertake unethical measures that include making misleading claims, and they mostly target children that are unable to make the right decisions since they do not have a lot of knowledge on matters of health (Xu, & Xue, 2016). It is worrying to note that the number of children that are obese is on the rise, they are developing diabetes, and getting addicted to junk food before they reach a level that they can make informed decisions.


Obesity is said to occur when the BMI is 30 and above though it is not the only figure that should be used to determine whether an individual is of the right weight. In significant cases, it is possible to find that many athletes have a BMI that is in the obese category despite their weight even though they do not have excess body fat. Other systems include having excess body fat around the waistline, and this may lead to back pains and inability to walk. The heart requires a lot of energy to pump blood that is saturated with oxygen for breathing purposes. However, when the body has a lot of fat deposits, there is a possibility that the heart muscles will become weak, and an individual may encounter breathing difficulties. The other symptoms include excess sweating, trouble sleeping, and snoring (Johnson et al., 2016). A patient can encounter problems with performing simple tasks, presence of skin problems, and fatigue. In childhood, people can experience eating disorders, fatty tissue deposits, and constipation.

Some of the solutions that can help to manage the obesity problem include exercising, feeding on healthy foods and controlling environmental issues. Ensuring that there are adequate playing grounds is essential for this will help people to burn the extra calories. Managing obesity is an activity that people can get to undertake if they are willing and ready to undertake the measures recommended by the health personnel. Even the obesity that is genetically acquired is triggered by an issue that an individual may take or fail to undertake. If a person is likely to become obese genetically, it is advisable to avoid consuming junk and processed foods. Additionally, it is impotent to keep exercising and ensure that the duet has fruits and vegetables (Claes, Boekaerts, Verschueren, Boukaert, & Luyckx, 2019). Great benefits will be realized when these measures are followed. The breathing problem will be resolved, and this will help in avoid cardiovascular ailments and manage the snoring and difficulties in movement. Excess body weight places a lot of weight on the lower joints of the body to the extent they are unable to carry the extra weight.

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