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Overweight and Obesity

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Overweight and obesity has attained epidemic standards and is a significant concern in both developing and developed nations. The condition has indicated devastating impacts on both the psychological and physical health of children (Sahoo et al., 2015). For instance, obese children are at risk of developing non-communicable disorders, including diabetes, at a young age or contracting other cardiovascular diseases later in their adulthood. As a result of the growth of this epidemic today, several medical scientists have undertaken various research projects in an attempt to find a solution to the disease. The majority of the studies have identified diets consisting of less red meat and sugar to reduce the incidence and risk of this chronic disorder (Haney, 2014). Therefore, parents should start providing these types of diets to their children from a young age to prevent the risk of becoming obese during an adolescent period or adulthood. Also, evidence suggests that early involvement of children in physical activities and regular exercises decrease the risk of becoming overweight. The analysis in this project proposes physical activity as the ideal solution to reduce the chances of developing obesity at an early age.

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Problem Statement and Research Purpose

Obesity among children is increasingly becoming a significant problem in the United States (US) and the world. Childhood overweight is associated with several diseases that have raised attention and serious public health concerns globally. As of 2016, more than 120 million children aged between five and nineteen years were reported to be suffering from obesity. (Spinelli et al., 2019). At the same time, around 210 million young people of the same age bracket indicated signs of overweight.

Research Question (PICOT Statement)


Analysis of data from 1975 to 2016 indicates a growing trend in the BMI of adolescents and children. Obesity is more common among children aged 6 to 11 years in the US (). Studies indicate that the condition’s prevalence among children has tripled to 15.3% today, compared to 4.2% in the mid-1960s ((Cheung et al. 2016).). Research studies indicate a difference in the prevalence of this disorder to race, ethnicity, and income levels. Therefore, children from minority communities and socioeconomically disadvantaged families experience obesity more. For instance, children from Hispanic subgroups, and African Americans communities experience obesity more than children from privileged white families ((Cheung et al. 2016)).


Intervention measures aimed at either preventing the development of the condition or treating the disease. The preventive strategies include making changes to the curriculum of the school through the introduction of more physical activities. It can be attained by raising awareness and encouraging children to walk from home to school and back. Treatment intervention techniques include motivating families to adopt healthy diets consisting of plant-based foods and less sugar as well as red meat.

Comparison, Outcome, and Time

The alternative intervention method involves giving the children drugs such as agave inulin, curcumin, and omega-3 fatty acids to control their weights. The project outcomes include changing the lifestyle of the patients both at school and at home. Also, the project aims to convince and motivate parents to improve their children’s dietary patterns and overall lifestyle. In the end, the application of the intervention measures will reduce the deaths and risks of developing obesity among the targeted population. The process of treating or preventing overweight disease is slow and gradual, which requires ample time to change general behavior to achieve long term positive outcomes.

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